Case Management Conference

Maine law has developed an intermediate system of case management to handle most interim issues and final orders that deal solely with child support. Previously known as the Case Management System (with the Court officers known as Case Management Officers or “CMO”), under revised Maine law the CMOs are now known as Magistrates, although their powers remain basically the same. A Case Management Conference is typically scheduled fairly soon after the commencement of the case and the Magistrates guide the case through the Court system insuring the timely progress of the case.

A Magistrate is empowered to make any decision with regard to child support. In addition, unless specifically waived by either party, the Magistrate may make interim temporary orders addressing which spouse will have the use of the marital home, responsibility for marital bills and debts, temporary support and spousal support, temporary parental rights and responsibilities for children under the age of 18, and responsibility for interim attorneys' fees.