William H. Childs

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Bill Childs has been trying and winning cases since 1983. As with most young trial attorneys, his practice began with litigating cases involving small personal injury, felony and misdemeanor, workers compensation and divorce. He has won nearly 50 jury trials in personal injury and criminal cases for his clients. Due to his sustained success, his career expanded to include complicated personal-injury and appellate practice. Bill has won many six figure verdicts.

Bill married Betsy Wilson on September 4, 1993. They have three children Dana Marie, Jessica, and Nicholas. Together, Bill and Betsy own and operate Race Me Stables.

Bill is a former judge of probate for Cumberland County Maine. As such he has the requisite skill and experience to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the facts of a given case and how the law applies to the case. While most clients do not want their case to end up in a trial, you are best served by having an attorney who has a reputation for being willing and able to try and win your case. The opposing lawyers know which lawyers actually are trial attorneys. You do not receive the best result from an attorney who is afraid.

When seeking legal advice, it is imperative that you ask for and receive an objective opinion from your legal counselor. If the costs of the litigation will equal or exceed the matter in controversy you need to seriously consider whether you should begin a lawsuit. Be wary of lawyers only interested in fighting for your money until you have none left.

Bill has never been admonished, sanctioned or suspended by the Maine Board of Overseers in any regard. Nor has Bill ever had any claim for malpractice brought against him. One of the main reasons for this is the open and direct communication style Bill employs with clients.